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EREA Clean Air Systems provides a full range of isolators, Laminar Air Flow components, safety cabinets, transfer trolley fitted with LAF, loading and unloading systems mainly for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

EREA define its products in full compliance with cGMP and deploy a strategy based on customer services. With decades of experience in the BioPharma & Pharma industries, the company knows and understand its customer’s processes and provides isolation technologies.

EREA installs its clean air systems and equipment on all 5 continents and ensure their qualification. The company attaches special care to develop integrated solutions aimed to reduce energy consumption to enable its customers to optimize COG's.

The design of its machines facilitates scaling-up and promotes the "time to market" approach of its customers.


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Automatiser Inentech

INENTECH Engineering & Technology company is specialized in the realization of automation and information systems for industrial processes and technical equipment. Also provider service accompanying the whole industrial projects in engineering, technical assistance and maintenance, their main applications are in the following sectors:

Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food
Energy, Utilities
Transitique, conveyor
Transport and Infrastructure

INENTECH help you manage your investments and capitalize your existing systems while benefiting from the latest technological advances in processes and automation.



GMPBOX® groups together French companies that specialize in the design of pharmaceutical equipment. This new partnership concept encompasses a sharing of expert knowledge.

Supported by the regional and international Chambers of Industry and European networks, the vocation of the GMPBOX® association is to an international spokesman for its’ members.

With solid experience in the design of equipment for pharmaceutical production (since 1911 for Forplex), the members of GMPBOX® accompany their customers at every stage of their projects at international level.

GMPBOX® equipment is designed for optimal safety, unquestionable reliability, easy access for cleaning, maintenance and dismantling of the equipment. Equipped with an easy use digital management interface, traceability is present at every stage.

The knowledge of ATEX certification and technologies allows our teams to participate in your specific production projects for chemical and sensitive pharmaceutical products.

GMPBOX® is your choice partner for quality production technologies that measure up to International standards (GMP, GOST, ISO…)