New Pharma reality

Requests us to design our equipment matching today’s requirements but also flexible enough to face future product development.

We must qualify our equipment with respect to the specific URS’s but also make them compatible with products of tomorrow.

Des decennies d innovations

1986 Development of the refrigeration associated with UnifuidTM system.

1992 Validation of the first CIP system using 180° rotary columns.

1998 Installation of the tray-less loading system fitted with LAF, in the USA.

2001 Fully compliant 21 CFR Part 11 SCADA system in Belgium.

2002 High speed row by row loading system (750 vial/mins) under isolators on 4x30m2 FD's.

2004 Shelf by shelf freezing system for ultra fast freezing of sensitive products supported by a LN2 booster.

                                             ■ 2010 Development of the refrigeration systems using hybrid medias (Water/Air) maximizing energy saving.

                                             ■ 2014 Isolator technology integration into SERAIL’s activities  

                                             ■ 2016 Launch of the ‘’all in 1 Freeze Dryer’’ including the latest up to date SCADA System

                                             ■ 2017 Alus virtual tray technology concept, design and development.

Assembly workshops

Our assembly hall allows us to assemble your equipment in the actual site layout. Even for a vertical configuration (with condensers under the chamber).

We can complete all the relevant tests before shipment to the site and for SERAIL, it’s crucial to be able to completely test our machines in house. We have all the necessary utilities & equipment located within our facility to perform all required test cycles.


Our qualification team prepares the documentation package (in coordination with our client team) and performs the Factory Acceptance Test program.